I was recently honoured by being asked to make a presentation at a Guild of One Name Studies (GOONS) meeting at the Society of Genealogists. The presentation was showing how easy it is to produce a more accurate estimate of your population at any time between Sep 1837 and now using a mixture of GRO and 1881 Census data.

The presentation slides are attached in Powerpoint 4.0 format.

The Excel spreadsheet used to generate the slides is also attached in Excel 5 format.

If you need earlier versions of these then please EMail me and I will try to generate them.

At the presentation I offered to produce the data and charts for any other One Name Study if members were unhappy using spreadsheet programs.

The data required is the count of all the members of the population in England and Wales from the 1881 Census, and the following data in text format from the GRO:

Given Names (or an indicator that the person is either male or female), the type of event (Birth, Marriage, Death or Adoption), the year and quarter of the event.

The file can be in any text format delimited by any common character, eg tab, comma, semi-colon, etc. Most genealogy programs can produce a file in text format. If no other alternative exists, send it in GEDCOM format and I will attempt to read that.

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