I have been interested in family history since 1983, having been introduced by my boss who was researching his (very important) surname of Percy. At that point I had recently been told by one of those stands at a fair that I had the right to bear Arms, and was interested in investigating. The information soon proved wrong, but it lead me to search my past. However, I could not find either my Father or his Father's Birth record in St Catherines House (as it was then). I had a very small clue to my Great Grandmother, and eventually traced her and her parents. This had proven very difficult, and I had taken to writing down all references to the Essery surname in case I missed one of them.

By the time that I had tracked down those few people, I had nearly all of the Births and Marriages plus a few Deaths recorded for the whole of the last century. Like an idiot, I decided to complete the task and then went on to record all those details for this century as well. Having done that I joined the Guild of One Name Studies (aptly abbreviated to GOONS) and registered the surname Essery and one of its variants Essary.

I have since found that the name appears to be a corruption of Esworthy and am starting to gather all the data on that name and its variants as well. See the other pages for further details.

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